Kitespots Blekinge


Blekinge has several beaches to kitesurf from all year round.It is the direction of the wind that determines which beach or spot you choose to kite on. When you attend a kite course with us you will learn how to choose a kite beach and get to know your local beaches.


In Blekinge you can go kiting all year round, but in the summer the possibilities are expanded as we can take a boat out to any island in the fantastic archipelago. Blekinge has about 1000 islands in its wide archipelago! Below we list the most common places where we surf. For our full range of kite spots in Blekinge, go to our page kite map.


The outside after the camping place. Optimal wind E. Good parking, can enter the camping if you let them know at the check-in. During the off-season, the boom is open to the campsite and you can drive into the area. The campsite owners are informed and aware of it. Ok as long as we do not throw garbage in the area. Rigging on meadow. Not shallow water. Offshore wind but in a narrow bay. Flat Water.

The wind in real time: FINDWIND
Directions: GOOGLE MAP

RESTRICTION: In the summer shows consideration for campers. Further out in the bay there is bird protection on the island of Majö, 1Apr-15Jul.


The most popular spot in Blekinge. Optimal wind SW. Good parking. From parking go straight down to the water through the gate into the field. Rigging on fields. North of the rigging place, it is sandy bottom and shallow. No big waves but can be choppy. In shallow water and near land there is calmer waters. Watch out for stones near land.

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The wind in real time: FINDWIND
Directions: GOOGLE MAP

RESTRICTION: Further out from the spot, the closest island  Båtaskär, has bird protection 1Apr-15Jul.
Local rule: Do not surf south from the rigging place, birdwatchers area south. See map HERE.


Requires boat.
Many favorite place in the archipelago! Optimal wind SW. Suitable mooring on the north side of Vieskär in the bay. For basic boats you can pull the boat on the beach at the NW side of Vieskär. Rigging on meadow, at the beach on the NW side. Sandy bottom and shallow. No large waves and several places with flat water. May be extremely flat water in the "Lagoon", the strait on the south side between Vieskär and Ungskär.

The wind in real time: Closest spot at FINDWIND is Torhamn.
Direction: GOOGLE MAP

RESTRICTION: Some nearby islands have bird protection between 1apr-15jul.


Small bathing place on south east of Hasslö. Optimal wind SE. Rigging on sand/meadow. There are smaller bushes to consider when rigging. Pretty small area but two kites are no problem. Sand bottom and shallow. May be gusty between NE to E. Risk of choppy water. Southwest part of the bay often flatwater. Good parking. Parking behind Hasslövarvet. From the parking, you walk to the beach.

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The wind in real time: Closest spot at FINDWIND is Herrgårdsviken.
Directions: GOOGLE MAP

RESTRICTION: In the summer there may be people bathing.


You can kite on both the east and west side of the island. Optimal wind W. The east side, in the bay, can be good flatwater at offshore winds. Good rigging surfaces. Rigging on meadows/mountains. Stones where you walk into the water. Deep water in the bay. Sheep and goats on the island summertime, watch out with your food if you bring any. At low tide you can cross over to Dunsö by walking.

The wind in real time: Closest spot at FINDWIND is Lindö (normaly more windy at Lindö).
Directions: GOOGLE MAP



Wide and nice sandy beach. Rigging on a sandy beach. Optimal wind SSW. Sand bottom and shallow water. No big waves near the beach. Smooth waves of flat water between the waves. Can be bigger waves further out. May be a lot of seaweed on the beach during the winter. Good big parking. Parking left side of road just before restaurant Oasen.

Here we run kite courses, rental and demo!

The wind in real time: FINDWIND
Directions: GOOGLE MAP

RESTRICTION: Municipal swimming area. Surf forbidden between 1Mayst-30Sept. Choose västra Torsö during this time.