Blekinge surf cooperates with Kiteboardcenter and Surfspot sweden.

Equipment is always taken out to the spot and it is free to try. If you see our flags, please feel free to say hi.
Kites and boards are always available for those who want to try.

We advertise on the page when we run specific demo days and where we will be. We also put on local facebook groups when we are in place.

Blekinge surf promote these brands:
Core kites
Eleveight kites
Xenon boards
Starboard SUP


Give a really cool experience to someone who needs a new lifestyle!
The gift card also works great for anyone who wants to update their existing equipment. Choose a kite course or any value no matter what.

A fantastisc experience
Kitesurfing is a mix of joy, freedom and adrenaline. Our gift cards are perfect for those who want a great experience or maybe a new lifestyle!
Are you tired of the Swedish weather? -Learn kitesurfing and take advantage of it!
Satisfied with the Swedish weather? -Learn kitesurfing to make the most of it!


  • Valid for one year
  • Can be extended at a cost of SEK 290
  • Returns or repurchases can be returned against a credit receipt
  • Gift certificates are sent quickly and easily via pdf mail. If you wish to be sent by mail, it will take another 2-5 working days
  • For course offerings see KITE COURSE
  • Book by email HERE

Think about this
Kite surfing is considered extreme sports. Before ordering a gift card in the form of a kitecourse, make sure that the recipient is fully healthy, no neck or back injuries, cardiovascular or other critical physical injuries.

Sales of kites and boards

Sales of SUP, wetsuits, harness