Kitesurfing is a wind-driven sport and a perfect blend of surfing, wakeboarding and kite flying.

The wind window is the area where the kite flies and generates power. Here we talk about the windscreen and its parts.

Learn to clear wind direction, strength, quality to determine the safest beach for kitesurfing.

Some of the most important terms to know so that you can more easily take your education and keep up with what others are talking about on the beach.

To rig the kite before your kite surfing has two essential parts: Pumping the kite and connecting the ropes. If not done right, much can go wrong.

Launch and landing are where most accidents can happen. Here we go through step by step how to make a safe launch and landing of a power kite.

The most important rule of all is to avoid accidents! Even if you have precedence, you must do everything you can to avoid an accident.

Self rescue is extremely important to be able to take you back to the beach should something happen to your outfit.

Spot guide on the most common places where we surf and hold kitesurf courses.