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Join us on kitesafari or other kite events to explore the archipelago in Blekinge and all the kite spots in the best possible way.

Together with other enthusiasts, beginners as advanced, you will be guided in the archipelago to the best spots.
Safaris and events are posted on this page, you can also follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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Kitesurfing is a growing sport and Sweden is an excellent country for this. Large variety of kitespots and relatively short distances between them, and wind reaches our coastlines more or less constantly.

Kitespots in Blekinge

Astonishing natural experience combined with adrenaline, this is kite surfing in Blekinge.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, the spots are here.

The wide archipelago, which does not extend so far out from the coastline, is what makes Blekinge special. In the middle of the archipelago we meet stable winds with both flat water and waves.


Added kitespot in Ronneby

Torkö, Ronneby. Fantastic spot that partly has flat water with offshore wind in the bay! The downside is a long walk from parking. However, it is possible to get by boat. See KITE MAP for further information.

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Stensvik at Sturkö is updated

Kitesafari 2019 now possible to book!

Kitesafari 2019

Added kitespot in Sölvesborg
In Hörvik, there is a small beach just east of the harbor. This one has been tested a while ago and is a relatively okay kitespot. The spot is a small hidden beach behind the harbor. With the right wind conditions, it can be a good spot. See the spot on "KITE MAP" and in Sölvesborg municipality.

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